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Once a newcomer blackjack player gets a solid grasp of the rules and gameplay, a common question they ask is whether card counting is necessary to become successful at the game. Most ordinary people and even some blackjack enthusiasts are convinced this is the only approach that delivers profits over time. But let’s find out what alternative methods advantage-seeking punters employ at casinos, and how to win at blackjack when you play it online with a live dealer.

Learn How To Win At Blackjack At A Casino Without Counting Cards

Due to its relatively frequent appearances in cinematography, card counting is the widely known advantage play. A meticulous card counter is capable of gaining up to 1.5% of an edge over the casino. But there are several other techniques for beating the game.

Hole Carding – Sneaky Peeks To Gain An Advantage

The face-down card in the dealer’s hand is what they call the hole card. Since the players at the blackjack table cannot see these cards, their decisions are grounded on incomplete information. Here comes the hole carding technique, which is essentially trying to sneak a peek of the hole card – which grants up to a 13% advantage over the casino.

how to win at blackjack online

How To Win At Blackjack Using Ace Sequencing?

The gambler monitors the discard pile of cards and memorizes what cards were placed on top of the ace. When you expect these cards to come up in the game, you raise your bets in hopes of being dealt an Ace. This technique is far from easy, but it gives you an enormous edge over the house – up to 50%. Obtaining an Ace in your hand is a major component of how to win blackjack at casino – you gain a 31% chance of a natural blackjack.

Tips On How To Win At Blackjack In Online Live Dealer Games

The live format of blackjack is an online gambling experience that very closely resembles playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. A real person manages the cards and other equipment, and the action is filmed and stream to your computer in real time. The camera angles are fixed, so the above advantage-play methods are not particularly useful. Nonetheless, a thoughtful approach allows you to maximize your winning chances.

  1. Pick a casino according to your goals. Look for a gambling site with an impeccable reputation, valid licenses, and a great selection of live dealer games by well-known providers, such as Evolution Gaming.
  2. Thoughtfully choose the blackjack variant. The better (lower) the house edge, the greater are your chances of scoring a win. A notable variation is Blackjack Switch with only a 0.17% house edge.
  3. Learn the game you play inside out to get a better understanding of how to win at blackjack. While the core principle of scoring 21 remains the same, no two blackjack variations have identical rules.
  4. Prepare a cheat sheet. A basic strategy card will tell you what action is optimal in any situation during the gameplay.
  5. Look for free play options with casino bonuses. While live dealer games are often excluded from sign-up and deposit match bonuses, it’s still possible to find online casinos with the right promotional offers.

By playing smart and adopting a strategy that corresponds to the blackjack variation you’ve decided to play, it’s not hard to achieve great results in blackjack gambling.

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