Poker rules, strongest combinations, and various types of poker

Poker rules for beginners

The rules of the game of poker are simple enough to understand. All players are dealt cards, which are their own (opponents cannot see them). The amount of cards depends on the game and there might be some community cards (everyone can see them). In the final round of betting, cards are revealed, and the player with the strongest combination wins.

Poker rules and hands strength

Before going any further let’s talk about the general principle of poker games:

  • The player is dealt cards, amount is determined by poker rules.
  • Players make bets.
  • Wins the player with the highest combination.

Let’s take a look at the basic poker rules of Texas Hold`em for example.

Before the cards are dealt to the players, the two players at the table must make mandatory blind bets, they are called “blinds”. The blinds are obligatory for two players sitting to the left of the Dealer, who is indicated on the table with the D button.

After the blinds have been placed, each player is dealt cards and betting begins in the first round, called preflop. Players evaluate the strength of their personal cards and decide whether to bet, raise, or pass.

After the first round of pre-flop betting, in Texas Hold`em poker rules the dealer opens 3 community cards on the table. The first three community cards on the table are also called “flop”.

The fourth community card called the “turn”. Players, starting with the small blind, carry out the third round of betting, performing the various actions described above.

The last community card on the table is called “River”. Those players who make bets on the river participate in the opening of cards and comparing combinations.


  1. Highest card (the weakest hand);
  2. Pair;
  3. Two pairs;
  4. Three of a kind;
  5. Straight;
  6. Flush;
  7. Full house;
  8. Four of a kind;
  9. Straight flush ;
  10. Royal flush (the strongest combination).

Sometimes you can win a game by playing right just one pair.

Different poker games

There are a lot of different poker games. You might know some of them but about others, you might have never heard. 5 and 3 card poker rules were very popular ones.

Hold`em and Omaha

Their difference is that the game is played not only on pocket cards but also on community ones, which are visible to all players. Texas Hold`em uses two pocket cards, while Omaha uses four, which is the most noticeable difference in poker rules of these games. There are five community cards in both games.

Seven-card poker

The game is played exclusively on pocket cards and is firmly in second place after Hold`em and Omaha. Players gets seven cards, but some of them are laid face down, and some are face up. On the last round of bidding, the players have three cards that are face-down and four cards that are face-up.

Five-card poker

Five-card poker, the rules of which tell to play only with pocket cards, was previously more popular than all other types of poker. Moreover, some of these games have been adapted to the casino format, where the game is played against the establishment. The decline in popularity came amid the rise of community card games.

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