Blackjack basic strategy online

To become a true professional of the famous card game 21 points, you need to learn the rules, understand optimal strategies and constantly train. Only in this case, sooner or later, but you will definitely win at the online casino. You can also use various effective tools for daily card training, including a Blackjack basic strategy trainer. Install these free programs to your device and start honing your card skills online or offline.

Basic Blackjack strategy: the player’s chances of winning

How does Blackjack start? With Blackjack basic strategy, of course! This is what should be taken into account by anyone who intends to win a round of Blackjack and earn a large fee. The essence of this strategy is that any player has the main goal in the course of a round – to prevent cards busting. To do this, he can use the calculations of moves listed in a special table of the basic strategy.

What are the odds for a gamer who competes in Blackjack according to the Blackjack basic strategy? Here are the main indicators of the probability of cards busting if you take the next card, having a certain hand:

  • With a hand of 21 points, 100% busting is possible, according to Blackjack basic strategy;
  • Hand 18 points – busting from the next card is a 77% chance;
  • The player’s hand is 16 points – it is possible to get busting in 62% of cases;
  • Hand 11 or less – cards busting is not possible at all.
Blackjack basic strategy

The dealer’s advantage in Blackjack comes from the fact that this hand is opened only after all the players have made their decisions. The advantage of this is about 8%. With a basic strategy, you can turn the casino advantage from 8% to 0.5%. An excellent result, isn’t it?! If you count the cards, you will get even a greater advantage, and this has been proven more than once by the practice of Canadian gamers.

Virtual Blackjack trainer, how to use it right way?

To learn how to play at online casinos, you do not need to overcome difficulties using the trial and error method. Today, on the Internet you will find special online simulators for almost any gambling game. The point of such programs is to teach users to play and win without spending money. All of these simulators are free.

If you decide to become a professional Blackjack player, then you absolutely need to download the latest version of the free online trainer for a game 21 points to your PC or smartphone. By the way, this program is based on a Blackjack online basic strategy, which you should also learn for winning.

So, how to properly use the best online Blackjack trainer to achieve good results as soon as possible? Here are some expert tips:

  1. Remember that Blackjack trainer compares all the players ‘ options with the free Blackjack basic strategy;
  2. In this program, an expert mode can be introduced, which gives a time penalty if the solution took more than 10 seconds;
  3. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, all other bets pay equal money;
  4. If there was a Split, then do not double after it. No re-splitting as well;
  5. Make a double on 9, 10, 11;
  6. Do not use insurance and do not give up immediately.

Blackjack strategy trainer is a free 21 points game that teaches you how to apply a basic strategy while playing. You choose the exact rules you need, and the strategy program warns you if you make mistakes.

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