Hands in poker: all the card combinations and their value

Hands in poker: What are the best winning?

Poker best hands usually guarantee that you’ll beat the dealer and/or other players. Bluffing may also work, but combinations always determine the outcome of the round in the end. This guide is aimed to tell you about hands in poker and explain the official poker ranking.

Hands in poker: combinations and card types

Winning hands in poker are evaluated according to rules of poker. Here is the list of all combinations available:

  1. High Card. When no players have any type of combination, the winner is determined by the best card the gamblers have.
  2. Pair. To have a pair you should obtain any two identical cards of any suit.
  3. Two Pair. This combination consists of two pairs of equal cards like Q, Q plus A, A.
  4. Three of a Kind. Get three cards of the same denomination to receive it.
  5. Straight. All your cards should be in the consequent order like 7, 8, 9, 10, J.
  6. Flush. Flush in poker is one of the hands in poker that consists of any 5 cards of the same suit.
  7. Full House. For Full House you should collect both Three of a Kind and a Pair.
  8. Four of a Kind. This combination includes 4 identical cards like 9, 9, 9, 9.
  9. Straight Flush. You have to obtain any 5 cards that can be placed in the consequent order and have identical suit.
  10. Royal Flush. It’s a variation of Straight Flush. You should get 10, J, Q, K and A. Other requirements are the same as for Straight Flush.

All the combinations in the previous list are placed in the increasing order. So, Royal Flush is the best one you can receive.

How to get a winning combination?

There are lots of game types and the rules can be more than different. At the same time, there are several principles that will work in any one. Follow them to get the best hands in poker among all the possible card hands:

  • always keep pairs and Three/Four of a Kind;
  • don’t go for Flush/Straight unless you’ve reasonable chances to get it;
  • you have more chances to get a Pair/ Three of a Kind than straight or Flush;
  • don’t risk if your chances aren’t reasonably high.

Note that combinations are important, but your final goal is to beat the dealer and/or other players. So the idea is to get a hand, which is good enough for this goal, but not the highest possible. Also, don’t forget that your betting strategy and the ability to make right decisions on any round stage are equally important.

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