Winning Poker Hands: the Best Ones & Odds of Getting Them

Winning poker hands: a concept includes more aspects than a beginner might think!

The seniority of winning poker hands is in a clear hierarchy: a combination of three cards is higher than pairs, and a set is lower than a straight. If the players made the same combinations, then the one with the higher face value of the cards will receive a win. If the dignity of the poker cards in the combinations coincides, the winner will be the player who has a kicker older. Sometimes there are situations when a player does not use pocket cards to make combinations, but only general ones. If the community cards are a straight combination, and there is no stronger hand, then all the participants will share the winnings.

Winning Poker Hands: the Best Ones

The best winning poker hands are called the premium. There are three basic groups:

  • Ace-Ace, King-King (AA, KK). They are the main ones in poker, so the chance to get them is once for every 110 hands. Aces are the best combination in poker. But they do not mean 100% victory. It means that participants must raise preflop to narrow the field;
  • Queen – Queen, Jack-Jack, and Ace-King (QQ, JJ, AK). Kings and Jacks are good starting hands. With any of them, players can usually be sure that they have a better starting hand since hands with Kings and Aces do not often fall out. Ace – King is known in the poker world as Big Slick, so this combination offers great potential. Suited or unsuccessful Ace-King is dominated by other hands, such as Ace-Queen, Ace-Jack, and Ace-10. These are the types of hands that usually end all-in;
  • 0-10, Ace-Queen, Ace-Jack, King-Queen (AQ, AJ, KQ). They also form winning poker hands, which often come up with weak ace combinations;

Despite all this, Full House cards most of the time will guarantee a pre-flop victory, but gamers have to be careful, especially with the King-Queen combination, as they can easily fold for a re-raise.

Odd of Getting Winning Hands

Probabilities in poker are a measure of 0 to 100% with what frequency poker hands for win will occur. Understanding the probabilities in poker allows to evaluate and analyze the profitability of a particular action in this situation. If players want to calculate their chances for sure, they can use the Solomon rule, which allows determining the probability of winning in the current distribution:

  • Under this rule, before the arrival of two cards, that is, after the deal is dealt on the flop, participants need to multiply the number of outs by 4;
  • Then they need to subtract the number from the resulting work, which turned out as a result of calculating the difference between the number of outs and the number 8. In general, an approximate calculation should look like this: 9 * 4 – (9-8) = 35%;
  • So, having calculated the possible probabilities of success hand references, players, having subtracted the winning percentages from 100%, will receive losing percentages;
  • For example, 100% – 35% = 65%. Thus, the chance of losing is 65%. Now it’s easy to visualize your chances, which can be written as a fraction: the probability of losing / probability of winning.

Poker mathematics is based on probability theory, which allows calculating the odds of losing hands, opening the right card, getting poker winning hands. A beginner needs to understand how to use these indicators in the game. The probabilities of combinations in poker are not easy to calculate, but thanks to the reference tables presented in this manual, a player can operate with ready-made indicators. They will be useful to all poker players, and formulas for evaluating poker hands rankings will be useful to those who wish to understand in-depth poker mathematics.

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